A refreshingly simple solution that benefits all stakeholders

Operational effectiveness

Ergonomic advantages

Less time in pre-service preparation and ramp-up

Increased ease and speed of service

Can stay in service for 2 weeks before in-depth cleaning is required

Economic and environmental benefits

Waste saving through elimination of cans, bottles and other packaging

Minimization of overcatering

Cost-intensive coffee machines & maintenance thereof can be eliminated

Frees up valuable warehouse space

Space saving through compact concentrate syrup, using bag-in-box

Reduction of labour and man hours in beverage commissioning

Customer Satisfaction

New customer experience with SkyTender innovation

Consistency of hot & cold beverage quality

Higher effectiveness of service times

Extended beverage options

Added service by SkyTender

Transparency of consumption

Individual reports

Consumer behaviour analysis

Forecasting for pro-active & lean order management