Galley – Insert

In order to offer a complete portfolio of solutions to the aviation industry, we apply this non-disruptive technology to galley inserts. While the mobile SkyTender unit is ideal for serving beverages during meal distribution, there is a need for a stationary solution in the galley for in-between and tray-based beverage service.

Our stationary dispensing unit has been designed as a galley insert that complies with ARINC standards for comprehensive integration into the galley.

Here are just a few of the possible layouts:

All variations offer the same ease of use as the mobile SkyTender. Both self-service and tray service are quick and convenient, with a broad range of beverage types and flavours available at all times.

The SkyTender dispensing unit leverages the advantages of the mobile trolley. With SkyTender mobile and galley inserts, airlines reduce their environmental footprint, improve passenger experience & crew ergonomics, and generate significant cost savings.