SkyTender explained

A SkyTender unit has space for 10 flavoured syrup slots and draws water from one of three interchangeable water tanks. Its highly sophisticated water filtration system has been designed and constructed to guarantee consistent water quality world-wide.

SkyTender units can be integrated into existing POS technology to allow for individual purchases and buy-on-board service concepts.

The RFID Technology provides complete data transparency for consumption, big data analytics and the advantages of lean order management.

SkyTender is the only existing mobile stand-alone aviation beverage solution.
Our end-to-end system is patented, sustainable, and fully certified.

It is an automated drink dispensing unit built into a full-size Atlas trolley, allowing storage in small spaces, such as aircraft galleys. In addition to this, the independently operating unit is a secure closed-loop system, ensuring food safety.

It provides hot, cold and carbonated beverages that can be ordered from one of the user-friendly touchscreens at either end of the trolley.

Our end-to-end solution



Fill water tanks with
hot / cold water
Fill syrup bags with
multiple flavours
Charge battery and fill
CO2 bottle
Load reserve components



Serve customers
Change syrup bags
Exchange other components depending on consumption rate



Remove SkyTender unit from service location
Clean components
Deep-cleaning in two-week cycle



Issue of consumption report
Forecasting and order management



Pre-emptive maintenance in cooperation with certified maintenance partners
Diagnostic software for timely maintenance indication