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EventTender is a development partner of Deutsche Bahn and is realising new product concepts for regional transport in the Ideas Train.

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Frankfurt am Main, 13th October 2017. EventTender Solutions GmbH from Herborn is responsible for developing and providing for the beverage supply in three areas as part of the „Ideas Train“ innovation project by Deutsche Bahn (DB). Together with the DB project team, EventTender Solutions GmbH is developing new product and service concepts for a regional transport system of the future, and is linking these with innovative technological applications.

Southeast Bavaria Railway, d.lab, Deutsche Bahn’s innovation laboratory for passenger traffic, and DB Regio AG have been working with design studio neomind, passengers, and local passenger rail service authorities to develop a visionary interior concept for the regional train of the future. The new interior concept is divided into 22 different themed sections. These themed sections and all services can be experienced in a fully walk-through 1:1 model of a double-decker car. The model is constructed on a flexible, modular basis, and is therefore transportable. In the next few months, the product innovations will be presented to the public, associations, political champions, and passenger transport authorities and intensively tested with passengers. The intention is for the most successful concepts to be incorporated into the development of new vehicle generations and redesign concepts or existing trains.

EventTender will contribute its innovations in mobile and smart dispensing systems to the project. DB is making the 1:1 model of the Ideas Train available for this purpose as a development platform. Additional service innovations such as fitness booths, lounge concepts, and relaxing areas are being developed with other project partners. The aim of all those participating in the innovation project is to simplify customers‘ everyday lives and make their time on board a train as pleasant as possible.

„It is a great honour for us to have been chosen by Deutsche Bahn as a contact for beverage solutions in the Ideas Train. The mobile, as well as location-independent, supply of high-quality coffee, but also cooled soft drinks and keg beer in joint venture with Krombacher is an important aspect in the environment-friendly service concepts and catering requirements of tomorrow“, commented Wolfgang von Krogh, Managing Director of with great enthusiasm. Carsten Hutzler, project leader at Deutsche Bahn added: „We are delighted to have found an excellent partner in EventTender for the development of intelligent catering solutions, which people will be able to experience in the Ideas Train. Together, we want to test every detail with our customers – and hopefully gain a host of valuable insights for a regional transport system of the future.“

EventTender Solutions GmbH is part of SkyTender Group Holding AG which develops leading edge mobile drink dispensing systems for the Aviation, Rail and Event market.

We produce our own table water and cooperate closely with beverage brands to provide smart 4.0- solutions that raise the economical and ecological standard.