Superior beverage service for caterers

Providing high-quality beverages in locations without direct access to electricity and water is a major challenge for the catering industry. Combining a wide range of hot, cold and carbonated beverages with fast service times is also difficult. EventTender provides the solution to both issues.

Storage, cooling, restocking, and waste management for beverage service during events usually require cost-intensive floor space and time-consuming operational processes. The EventTender solution simplifies the entire supply chain by providing a wide range of beverages with a rental model for the duration of your event.


The restocking of consumables is managed by our on-site catering partners and consumption is recorded by our integrated technology. You will always know when to refill and how many drinks have already been served or sold. A touchscreen display handles the sales process and provides the necessary statistics.

The elegant EventTender solution also avoids waste and any hassle with refundable deposits on bottles and other packaging. This innovative dispenser takes things one step further, providing hot, cold and carbonated beverages – all from the same unit.

Large or small – the EventTender can handle any volume of customers

Events with a high volume of attendees, such as exhibitions, concerts or conferences, require fast service in a limited amount of time and are perfect settings for the EventTender. You can cater for anyone anywhere at the touch of a button.

The EventTender reduces the supply-chain complexity of catering logistics and also requires less service staff.

The benefits are:

  • No storage area required, saves valuable space
  • Reduced supply-chain complexity and handling
  • No connection to electricity or water needed
  • Live monitoring of beverage consumption data
  • Increased sustainability and reduced carbon footprint

“Refreshingly simple!”

Management Information System

We have developed a secure system of tracking and reporting
of on-board consumption, offering advantages along the entire supply chain:

Consumption Reporting
Complete usage transparency
Ease of Order Management, Budgeting & Forecasting
Market Intelligence to support strategic decisions
Customised reports tailored to your needs

The Dashboard supports the reporting and data analysis,
providing useful consumption data with its web-based interface