For an excellent & sustainable customer experience in a fast travelling world

SkyTender understands that airlines and all other mobility companies are seeking passenger satisfaction as well as improving their bottom-line results by offering: Cost efficiency and quality, best value for money, to surprise and delight passengers on each trip combined with extra flexibility, pro activity and Innovation.

By implementing SkyTenders, your differentiation within the competition and your passengers’ satisfaction will be a statement in itself, while also supporting you in achieving overall cost and profitability targets.

Together, we can make the whole passenger experience memorable, while at the same time making life easier for you.

Our vision

Our mission

To enable our business partners to deliver a superior beverage experience in quality and service, to the benefit of their customers in a sustainable and cost effective manner.
To simultaneously capitalise on economical and ecological benefits, for all parties involved, from waste reduction to supply chain optimisation.


Our company’s history began as an aircraft supplier for both Boeing and Airbus.

In 2013, the founders decided to use their engineering capabilities and aviation know-how to develop a highly innovative concept: SkyTender.

This journey led to the birth of SkyTender Solutions AG. Our engineers created a refreshingly simple solution, by adapting bag-in-box concentrate-based post-mix dispensers to in-flight standards. We own valuable intellectual property and maintain close ties to the aviation industry, enabling our business partners to deliver a superior beverage experience.

Our offices are located in Schindellegi Switzerland, Frankfurt, Herborn Germany.

Corporate Beliefs

We are revolutionising the mobile beverage service experience and implementing more effective, transparent and cost-efficient end-to-end processes.
We are committed to providing truly green solutions and minimising environmental impact.