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The International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA) is proud to welcome the pioneering and innovative SkyTender Solutions AG to our roster of sustainability, aviation, catering, economic circularity, and waste/recovery experts. Together, we will accelerate the industry’s transition to advanced sustainability and a circular economy.

Headquartered in Europe with offices in Switzerland and Germany, SkyTender provides aviation, rail transport, and mobile event industries with innovative zero-waste dispensing options. Through integrating modular and highly customizable platforms into beverage trolleys and compact galley inserts into existing operations, SkyTender Solutions deliver increased sustainability, reduced packaging and while at the same time offering a premium and elevated passenger travel experience.

Additionally, SkyTender Solutions offers digital services for increased operator feedback while implementing a sustainable beverage service, significantly reducing its ecological footprint and can simultaneously lower operational costs by up to 50%. “These days, sustainability is no longer a cost burden but leads to better operating margins. Our goal as a member of IAWMA is to complement founded conceptual know-how with applicable solutions, thereby supporting the IAWMA vision to become reality,” says Skytender CEO Mr. Wolfgang von Krogh.

Gregoire James, Commercial Director & Founder of the IAWMA, says, “The IAWMA is focused on a three-pronged approach of advocacy, collection strategies, and standards, and we find SkyTender aligns with these goals. Firstly, beverages will no longer require packaging on the collection side, thereby significantly reducing single-use packaging by up to 50%. Coupled with the added benefit of eliminating extra weight from packaging, SkyTender can demonstrate increased environmental benefits by reducing fuel consumption offering airlines additional savings. With the move to standardize beverage delivery and with regulators also placing new pressures on carriers to reduce single-use reliance, SkyTender delivers exactly that. The IAWMA dedicates itself to the reduction and eventual elimination of all solid waste resulting from air transport activity worldwide, hence we are pleased to see premium and environmentally beneficial solutions come to market to aid the aviation industry in its transition to a circular economy.”